Our 2020 events have been canceled due to covid-19.

Dear Richie’s supporter,   

 As you all know, larger gatherings are not in best interest of health and safety at this time.  So, it is  with a heavy heart to tell you that all of our 2020 events will be canceled. We hope that we may be able to move them to another date in the near future, but, this is unlikely due to the time frame of the year. Richie’s Alliance has decided t that we would still like to donate all the money we have collected to the HCSF.  However,  we would like  for you, our donors, to decide on three options. 1st, for the charity to return the money or item you have donated. 2nd,  we can just save it for next year( but will not be able to donate it this year), or we can donate  it like we have in past years.  Knowing that the case helps so many and charity funds will be at a low point.  We do thank all of our donors.  Without you,  we could have never come so far in our mission.  

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